Three Main Solid Wood Flooring Options for Your Home

Wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular in residential homes; it’s easy to install, maintain, and replace. Although the cost of wood flooring may be more than carpet, the value of your home will increase drastically.

However, not all hardwood flooring is created equal because some hardwood materials aren’t all made of wood! Solid wood flooring, however, guarantees a homeowner that the floor is 100% wood.

If you’re interested in a solid wood floor, here are the three main options most homeowners gravitate towards:

  1. Strip Flooring. Strip flooring is known for it’s varying thickness but constant width. The thickness of each wood plank varies from 5/16 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. The widths are less lenient and are only available in 11/2 inches, 2 inches and 2 1/4 inches.
  2. Parquet Flooring. Unlike most hardwoods, parquet floors are made of geometrical patterns and must usually be installed on site. Each individual wood plank is held together with an adhesive to ensure none of the pieces move over time.
  3. Plank Flooring. While only available in two different types of thicknesses (1/2 inch or 3/4 inch), plank flooring’s widths are numerous. Homeowners can choose a width anywhere from 3 inches to 8 inches across.

Depending on your budget or preferences, solid wood flooring can either be installed finished or unfinished. Finished solid wood floors are measured, cut, sanded and finished at the factory, whereas unfinished floors are sanded and finished after they are installed.

Not sure which type of solid wood floor is for you and your home? Contact Khouri Flooring in Marblehead MA today to discuss your options!

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