How Hardwood Floors Can Make Any Room Appear Larger


Have a Small Room You Wish Could Look Bigger ?

Having a small living space can make it hard to decorate. It can also be overbearing as too much furniture can make your space look even smaller. However, there are ways to make your area appear larger without having to give up your space or giving up on your interior decorating vision.

Why Hardwood Flooring Is Your Solution

We recommend installing hardwood flooring to your desired space. Hardwood flooring, when placed and, installed the elongated way gives the illusion of a larger room. They key here is to avoid strips and install your flooring vertically rather than horizontally to make your room look longer. Alternatively, if you would like for your room to look wider it is recommended to install horizontally.

Floor Boards Can Change The Look And Feel Of Your Space

It all depends on the look you would like to portray in your living space. There are many different options of flooring boards that can give your area a relaxed more rustic feel vs a more traditional casual look. What changing your flooring does is that it changes the way a room looks as well as change the dimensions of the room making the items in your room look different. While wide floor boards can give the representation of a larger space for a small room it can showcase an adverse effect for a large room making it look smaller.

Whatever floorboard you decide to go with, Khouri Flooring can assist you in choosing the best flooring and floorboards for your living area.

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