Professional Hardwood Floor Installation Process


Our hardwood flooring company in Marblehead has been installing hardwood floors for decades, which means our customers benefit from the best service around. Although our floor installation company may make it seem like cake walk to install hardwood floor throughout your home, the process actually involves quite a few detailed steps.

Here’s how our floor installation process works so that you can get a better sense of your project timeline.

  1. After an initial consultation with our flooring experts and after you’ve chosen the type of flooring you want in your home, Khouri Flooring will first take a measurement of the room or rooms. To calculate square footage, we multiple length and width of every room.
  2. Next, our hardwood floor specialists will assess the existing subfloor for any squeaks and water damage. If you have an older home and aren’t sure what’s under the existing carpet or hardwood, there may not be a subfloor and Khouri Flooring will need to install this first before anything.
  3. Prep work is next, which includes rolling out strips of barrier paper which is secured to the subfloor. The joists will all be marked along the baseboards and our flooring experts are ready to start laying the flooring.
  4. There’s an art to hardwood flooring installation — and at Khouri Flooring we always start the install at the longest unobstructed wall to make the process quick and efficient. Because the temperatures are so variable here in the North Shore area, our install crew always installs the floors so that they have room to expand in hot weather and contract in cooler weather.
  5. After installing the new wood floors, we’ll go through and make sure all nails are covered with exact-match putty and are flush with the wood planks.

Depending on the original state of your floor and the square footage of your home, our hardwood floor installation company can install your wood flooring in two days or less. Contact us today for a project estimate!

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