How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors This Winter

Winter is in full swing in Marblehead and the rest of the North Shore. Temperatures have plummeted and we’ve had a few good snowfalls already. Unfortunately this type of weather wrecks havoc on our hardwood floors.

At Khouri Flooring, a hardwood flooring company in Marblehead MA, we’re here to give you our professional advice on how to prevent damage from snow, ice and the dreaded salt that’s inevitably going to be tracked into your home.

Winter Hardwood Floor Care Tips

  • Floor mats. This is key! We understand that floor mats aren’t exactly the most glamorous things to have in the home, but you’ll be thanking yourself later when everyone else realizes they have to replace or at least refinish their hardwood floors. Floor mats should be placed in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic and at every entrance to your home. You can purchase relatively cheap floor mats at your local hardware store or homegoods store, just be sure they’re waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Rags. Stock up on rags and old towels and keep them at all entrances to your home. Storing them in a basket in a closet or in a cubby or nearby laundry room will keep them out of sight but close enough to quickly grab and clean up standing puddles. Always be sure to thoroughly absorb all the water and check back in a few minutes to see if there’s any salt residue left over.
  • Increase cleaning. Make time to clean your hardwood floors more regularly during the winter months in order to remove salt stains and mud that’s been tracked in by family members and pets. We recommend using a trusted brand hardwood floor cleaning solution that’s non-toxic and a towel or paper towels. A mop will also help get the job done quickly. Try to thoroughly clean your floors at least once a week.

Already know you need to replace your hardwood floors? Contact Khouri Flooring today and we’ll provide you with an accurate project estimate. Stop in if you’d like to browse our hardwood flooring options!

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