Caring for Your New Persian Rug

Have you just purchased a new oriental rug from Khouri Flooring? Perhaps you’ve purchased an antique rug elsewhere and need to make sure it stays in tip-top shape. No matter how old your oriental rug is, it’s important to prevent unnecessary aging. Here are a few key steps on how to care for your rug:

  • Keep the rug out of direct sunlight. We recommend not placing your rug in a sunroom or near a large bay window or floor-to-ceiling window that receives a lot of light. The sun’s UV rays are powerful enough to sap the color out of the fibers.
  • Rotate your rug frequently if it’s placed in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic. For instance, if your rug is placed at an entrance-way, chances are people will only be walking across the very middle of the rug. Rotating it will prevent wear in just one spot.
  • Straighten bent or twisted fringe by flipping your rug over and shake gently to loosen and straighten to fibers. Never comb through your rug as any tangles could end up snapping and breaking, ultimately damaging the fibers.
  • Clean all spills immediately by dabbing at the liquid to absorb the majority of it and prevent it from spreading. Put a towel under the rug to absorb any of the spill that may have seeped through the backing. Never use soap, bleach or any other cleaning detergent. Water is best. If the spill ends up staining the rug, it’s important to call a professional rug cleaning company such as Khouri Flooring.

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Professional Hardwood Floor Installation Process

Our hardwood flooring company in Marblehead has been installing hardwood floors for decades, which means our customers benefit from the best service around. Although our floor installation company may make it seem like cake walk to install hardwood floor throughout your home, the process actually involves quite a few detailed steps.

Here’s how our floor installation process works so that you can get a better sense of your project timeline.

  1. After an initial consultation with our flooring experts and after you’ve chosen the type of flooring you want in your home, Khouri Flooring will first take a measurement of the room or rooms. To calculate square footage, we multiple length and width of every room.
  2. Next, our hardwood floor specialists will assess the existing subfloor for any squeaks and water damage. If you have an older home and aren’t sure what’s under the existing carpet or hardwood, there may not be a subfloor and Khouri Flooring will need to install this first before anything.
  3. Prep work is next, which includes rolling out strips of barrier paper which is secured to the subfloor. The joists will all be marked along the baseboards and our flooring experts are ready to start laying the flooring.
  4. There’s an art to hardwood flooring installation — and at Khouri Flooring we always start the install at the longest unobstructed wall to make the process quick and efficient. Because the temperatures are so variable here in the North Shore area, our install crew always installs the floors so that they have room to expand in hot weather and contract in cooler weather.
  5. After installing the new wood floors, we’ll go through and make sure all nails are covered with exact-match putty and are flush with the wood planks.

Depending on the original state of your floor and the square footage of your home, our hardwood floor installation company can install your wood flooring in two days or less. Contact us today for a project estimate!

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has made tremendous improvements over the past decade all thanks to improved technology. Today’s vinyl flooring is durable, water resistant and available in many options. Thinking about re-doing the flooring in your home? Here are some pros and cons about choosing vinyl floors.

Advantages of choosing vinyl flooring.

Thanks to it’s durability, vinyl flooring is a great choice for homeowners whose homes see a high amount of foot traffic. Families with young kids and dogs will most likely benefit from this type of material as vinyl flooring will rarely need to be replaced. One of the best benefits? It’s less expensive than wood and the color choices are virtually endless.

Disadvantages of choosing vinyl flooring.

Although vinyl can withstand a high amount of foot traffic, the material does not hold up as well under heavy loads. Sharp objects such as unprotected chair legs could very well dent the material. Over time, some colors of vinyl flooring can fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight over the years, resulting in the need to replace entire sections. At Khouri Flooring, we recommend not choosing vinyl for sunrooms or indoor/outdoor rooms.

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How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors This Winter

Winter is in full swing in Marblehead and the rest of the North Shore. Temperatures have plummeted and we’ve had a few good snowfalls already. Unfortunately this type of weather wrecks havoc on our hardwood floors.

At Khouri Flooring, a hardwood flooring company in Marblehead MA, we’re here to give you our professional advice on how to prevent damage from snow, ice and the dreaded salt that’s inevitably going to be tracked into your home.

Winter Hardwood Floor Care Tips

  • Floor mats. This is key! We understand that floor mats aren’t exactly the most glamorous things to have in the home, but you’ll be thanking yourself later when everyone else realizes they have to replace or at least refinish their hardwood floors. Floor mats should be placed in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic and at every entrance to your home. You can purchase relatively cheap floor mats at your local hardware store or homegoods store, just be sure they’re waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Rags. Stock up on rags and old towels and keep them at all entrances to your home. Storing them in a basket in a closet or in a cubby or nearby laundry room will keep them out of sight but close enough to quickly grab and clean up standing puddles. Always be sure to thoroughly absorb all the water and check back in a few minutes to see if there’s any salt residue left over.
  • Increase cleaning. Make time to clean your hardwood floors more regularly during the winter months in order to remove salt stains and mud that’s been tracked in by family members and pets. We recommend using a trusted brand hardwood floor cleaning solution that’s non-toxic and a towel or paper towels. A mop will also help get the job done quickly. Try to thoroughly clean your floors at least once a week.

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How to Deep Clean an Oriental Rug

Cleaning wall-to-wall carpet is one thing (it’s cheaper and the fibers are meant for wear and tear), but deep cleaning an oriental rug is another process entirely.

Oriental rugs are made of finer fabrics, usually silk, and can be quite expensive. Many homeowners who have oriental rugs greatly value their pieces, and as such each piece should be properly cleaned. It can be very easy to ruin an oriental rug during the cleaning process due to owner error.

At Khouri Flooring, our oriental rug cleaning professionals have a few tips for a deep clean:

  1. Start by vacuuming both sides of the rug. Many newer vacuums have settings for the length of the rug fibers — be sure to use your best judgement when choosing a setting. We recommend shaking the rug out to remove any remaining dirt.
  2. Spray the rug with a garden hose and be sure to use cold water to preserve the bright colors. Cold water also won’t damage the fine fibers. Spray both sides and make sure it’s saturated.
  3. Fill a bucket with one gallon of cold water and 3 tablespoons of mild soap. If you have organic or natural-ingredient based soap, this will work best. Do not use bleach, as this could eat away at your carpet because of it’s harsh chemical properties.
  4. Use a long-haired brush or non-shedding brush and first spot clean a corner to make sure the soap to water ratio is working for your rug. Be sure to wait 10-15 minutes to see if their are any negative effects. If the colors are bleeding together, quickly rinse with water and take the rug to a professional cleaning company.
  5. If everything looks good, proceed with cleaning the rest of your rug. Be sure to clean the fibers in the direction that they lie. Don’t go “against the grain” as this causes soap to build up under the surface and it may be difficult to remove.
  6. Next, rinse the rug in cold water again with the garden hose. Be sure to rinse both sides. Rinse until the water runs clear.
  7. Finally, dry the rug thoroughly! It’s important to dry the rug before you put it back in order to prevent mold from growing on it. Mold loves moisture and dark places. If the weather permits, hang the rug outside on a clean surface. You can also dry the rug inside using fans and a dehumidifier.

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Benefits of Hardwood Floors You’ll Want to Consider for Your Home

If you’re looking to renovate your existing space or are trying to decide what features you want in your new home, opting for hardwood flooring is a great idea and investment. Our hardwood flooring company in Marblehead has seen hardwood floor sales skyrocket over the past decade.

Here’s why hardwood flooring is the best type of flooring for your home.

  • Easy to clean. This is the most obvious for all those who have young families. No one has time to get down on their hands and knees and try to scrub out pizza sauce or wine stains. Instead, a hardwood floor calls for a quick mopping session.
  • Strength & durability. Depending on the type of wood, hardwood floors can be very strong an sustain a lot of damage of the course of their lifetime. Oak, maple and poplar are among the strongest types of wood available on the market today. Our North Shore flooring company can also help you choose the type that’s best for your home.
  • Improves home value. Because of the high demand for homes with hard wood flooring these days, it’s no surprise that installing a hardwood floor can improve your home’s value tremendously — by an average of $3,000. The fact that it lasts longer than carpet makes wood flooring a hot ticket item for families.
  • Better indoor air quality. You don’t want to know what’s hiding within your carpet right now. At the very least, dust mites, mold, skin cells and food crumbs. These can cause odors as they accumulate, which decreases your indoor air quality and causes allergies. Hardwood floors make it easy to spot dust and debris and won’t hide.

Interested in some home renovations such as installing hardwood floors? Khouri Flooring can help you through the entire process. Contact us today for a free project estimate or for product inquiries.

Three Main Solid Wood Flooring Options for Your Home

Wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular in residential homes; it’s easy to install, maintain, and replace. Although the cost of wood flooring may be more than carpet, the value of your home will increase drastically.

However, not all hardwood flooring is created equal because some hardwood materials aren’t all made of wood! Solid wood flooring, however, guarantees a homeowner that the floor is 100% wood.

If you’re interested in a solid wood floor, here are the three main options most homeowners gravitate towards:

  1. Strip Flooring. Strip flooring is known for it’s varying thickness but constant width. The thickness of each wood plank varies from 5/16 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. The widths are less lenient and are only available in 11/2 inches, 2 inches and 2 1/4 inches.
  2. Parquet Flooring. Unlike most hardwoods, parquet floors are made of geometrical patterns and must usually be installed on site. Each individual wood plank is held together with an adhesive to ensure none of the pieces move over time.
  3. Plank Flooring. While only available in two different types of thicknesses (1/2 inch or 3/4 inch), plank flooring’s widths are numerous. Homeowners can choose a width anywhere from 3 inches to 8 inches across.

Depending on your budget or preferences, solid wood flooring can either be installed finished or unfinished. Finished solid wood floors are measured, cut, sanded and finished at the factory, whereas unfinished floors are sanded and finished after they are installed.

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Why You Should Opt for Wood Flooring in Your Residence


Wood Flooring is an option that you won’t regret making,

Whether you are looking to give your space a new look or just simply want a change from your carpets. Wood Flooring can be aesthetically beautiful but also beneficial for your home for various reasons ranging from aesthetics, cleaning purposes, health, and value.For instance, it is easy to install helping you save money. Hardwood floors are built to fit, so you can ensure that it will fit the measurements of your home floors. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of having to resize your flooring and pay extra fees. Although it’s a commitment to decide to purchase hardwood floors, the long-term advantages keep you at bay that you made the right decision.

Luxury Appeal

It  doesn’t hurt that your floors will make your home look like a luxury home every time you walk in the door. If you ever think about selling your property you can rest assured that your value will increase because of their high demand in the market.

When it comes to interior design wooden floors are preferred as it can be used as a canvas for creating an overall theme in your home which can be both modern and contemporary or vintage and rustic, it has the ability to be moldable when decorating.

Clean Air

If you are an individual with allergies wooden floors may be the option for you and for good reason. Opting for wooden floors is an excellent alternative to carpets which can make your home stuffy and filled with dust mites. Not to mention the air is cleaner maintaining a healthy indoor air quality.

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